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Kangaroo Rump (540g)

  • ¥2,350

Shipping Fees: Honshu 800 Yen - Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa 1,200 Yen. Free shipping from 10,000 Yen

This product will be delivered as frozen. It can be kept for several months.

Low fat, high protein - black kangaroo rump meat is ideal for a roast or "exotic" steaks. Each pack contains 500-600 g. 

→check Minako's recipe

Our kangaroo meat is of high quality. Only male young kangaroos are culled and since it is 100% natural meat, it was never exposed to any antibiotics or growth hormones.

The open ranges of Australia where the kangaroos are culled are regulated by the government. Since the kangaroos are culled at the same place, they also eat the same food - which means that our meat has always the same high quality even though its natural (wild) meat. 

Oh - and it only contains 2% fat so you have a good excuse to eat some more ;-)

P.S. your pet might like it, too!

Product Details 
Weight  about 540g
Price per 100 g  435 yen
Origin Australia
Delivered as frozen 


Serving Suggestion

Having your first try making kangaroo steak?
You shouldn't overcook it due to its low-fat content (mince should be cooked thoroughly), medium rare would be the best. Kangaroo is often served with fruity sauces or flavors (plum etc.) but also goes well with garlic, rosemary, and pepper.

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