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About Whole Meat

Welcome to your new meat online shop in Japan! :)

As the Japanese tend to consume meat mostly in thin slices or small cubes, as a foreigner living in Japan you sometimes might miss throwing some T-bone steaks on your grill, have delicious halal lamb chops with your family, enjoy tasty sausages like back home in Germany, a big piece of tasty bacon for Sunday morning's breakfast or just have a barbecue home party with some friends, a few beers and of course: awesome steaks. At least, that was the case with us - and so we started Whole Meat.

As Japan is one busy country, you can now save time and order online through PC or smartphone. We deliver your favorite meats to your doorstep - for reasonable prices. At Whole Meat, we offer a broad variety of high-quality meat products that are not available at local Japanese supermarkets, or at least hard to get.


We are a young international team, located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, famous for the worlds largest pedestrian scramble or the Hachiko. Our service is available in English, Japanese and German and we ship to all over Japan. For further information, please visit our Q&A or contact us here.


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