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Austria is most commonly known for

They are also equally proud of

AMA Bio Organic Certified Beef

The Three pillars of the AMA quality Label


Traceable Origin:

Born in..., Raised In..., Fed is from..., Slaughtered, cut and packed in ..., AUSTRIA

The lettering as as the national colours of the logo refer to the traceable origin of the products. Exceptions are made if the ingredients cannot be produced in the country of origin. However the total ratio shouldn't exceed 1/3 of the final product


Exceptional Quality:

Maximum age, weigh, ph measurement, colour measurement for veal. Highest level of hygiene in processing plants

For every products there are quality requirements that go beyond the legal requirement and are checked with objective methods.


Independent Monitoring:

Strict self and external monitoring

Controls are in place in all stages of production and processing. In addition to constant internal control of the companies, there are also regular control visits by independents and specialized external agencies. These in turns are control by the AMA or independents experts. If necessary sanctions are imposed.




Simmental Fleckvieh ("Spotted Cattle")


  1. - The rearing of Fleckvieh is the result of traditional knowledge about breeding and animal husbandry over centuries in Austria

- It is the most common cattle kept in Austria (75%)


- The Simmental Fleckvieh has a dual purpose breeding, and is used for milk and meat production


- Simmental cattle are bred all over the world for their high beef yields. Most of the Simmental beef are from Austria.

The cattle can roam freely in the Austrian mountains, grazing peacefully on the many grasses and herbs that give the meat its characteristic flavour. The Simmental produces beef with nice white fat and excellent marbling.


- Simmental is a cattle breed whose history dates back to the Middle Ages. Early records indicate that Simmental cattle are the result of a cross between large German cattle and a smaller breed of Swiss cattle. The name is derived from the area where the cattle were first bred, the Simme valley in Switzerland.

Technically the Simmental designation includes several breeds in Europe. The name is given specifically to the breed in Switzerland. In Germany and Austria the cattle are known as Fleckvieh and in France as Pie Rouge.



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