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Product Quality & Safety

Are your products safe?

Of course. We are totally aware of the fact, that our customers worry about if their purchased products are properly and safely packed and shipped. After all, we are talking about meat here, right?

Well, all meat products at Whole Meat are (vacuum-)packed and frozen right after being processed. This procedure keeps the meat 100% fresh and tasty. The frozen meat is constantly stored below -18°C (-0.4°F) so we can guarantee a continuous cooling chain.

We only sell meat from certified makers and importers, so all meat products at Whole Meat are of excellent quality. If you have any other questions or concerns about the quality of our products, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form in the bottom.

How long is your meat durable?

If the temperature stays constant, uncooked meat can be kept frozen for several months (or even up to one year) without spoiling. Nonetheless, we recommend consuming the product in between 2-3 weeks after your order arrives. By doing so, the highest level of taste and quality can be guaranteed.


How should I handle frozen meat?


Thawing takes some time, so plan ahead. There are two main methods: thawing in the refrigerator or thawing in ice water.

In the refrigerator: This method is convenient and safe but takes some time. The golden rule is 24 hours for 5 pounds of meat, but this also depends on the temperature of your fridge. Just place your meat into your refrigerator and wait until it is thawed.

In ice water: This method is faster, but also more work. Take an adequately big container (bowl, small bucket) and fill it with water, then add ice cubes. The meat has to be placed in a waterproof bag to avoid contamination, before submerging it into the ice water. Thawing takes approximately 3 hours for 1 kg of meat when using this method.


Refreezing already thawed meat should be avoided, if possible. If you need to refreeze your meat, we recommend to cook it beforehand.

Are there any rules concerning hygiene?

The basic rule is: always wash your hands before and after handling raw meat. By doing so, you will avoid contamination and stop germs from spreading. Also, keep raw meat separated from other foods to avoid cross-contamination.

Knifes, plates and other dishes should be cleaned properly after they got in touch with raw meat.

Which product information is available?

All our product pages contain information about the meat's origin (f. e. America, Japan, Australia), its quantity as well as suggested usage and preparation. Ingredients and additives are displayed in the photo gallery or as additional info below the product description.

If the product is halal, grass-fed, dry-aged or has any other additional features, it will be clearly written in the product's title or description.

What if I have a claim or need to return my ordered product?

First of all, as soon as your order arrives, please confirm that it contains the items and the amount that you ordered. We pay very close attention to quality, but if you feel that there is anything wrong with your order, please contact us within 2 days after delivery. We will then instruct you, what to do.

! Please note that we cannot accept returns if the damage is self-imposed through wrong handling

If you received the wrong item or if the item is damaged, we will resend you a replacement if the item is on stock. Otherwise, we will fully refund you.

! Important: If your meat product arrived in a damaged or thawed condition, please contact us within 2 days. Do not, in any case, throw away the damaged product, because we will inform our logistics provider and arrange a pickup. If the product is not available for pickup, we cannot refund or resend your order.

Please make sure to accept your delivery. As our products are frozen, they will only be kept for about 1 week at Yamato. Please use your tracking number, which is included in your order confirmation to view the status of your order. If you are prevented for any reason, please contact your local Kuroneko Yamato office for a scheduled redelivery. If your package returns to us as undeliverable, we will have to charge you for the shipping costs (regardless if your order included free shipping or not).

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