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How to handle frozen meat


Thawing takes some time, so plan ahead. There are two main methods: thawing in the refrigerator or thawing in ice water. 

In the refrigerator: This method is convenient and safe but takes some time. The golden rule is 24 hours for 5 pounds of meat, but this also depends on the temperature of your fridge. Just place your meat into your refrigerator and wait until it is thawed.

In ice water: This method is faster, but also more work. Take an adequately big container (bowl, small bucket) and fill it with water, then add ice cubes. The meat has to be placed in a waterproof bag to avoid contamination, before submerging it into the ice water. Thawing takes approximately 3 hours for 1 kg of meat when using this method. 


Refreezing already thawed meat should be avoided, if possible. If you need to refreeze your meat, we recommend to cook it beforehand.

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