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Kangaroo Bone-in Shank (1kg)

  • ¥3,500
  • Save ¥400

Shipping Fees: Honshu 800 Yen - Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa 1,200 Yen. Free shipping from 10,000 Yen

This product will be delivered as frozen. It can be kept for several months.

Kangaroo meat is healthy, tasty and completely free from hormones and antibiotics - the perfect red meat, so to say. 

This is a massive piece of bone-in shank that will just look beautiful in your oven. One pack contains about 1kg of kangaroo shank meat. 

Our kangaroo meat is of high quality. Only male young kangaroos are culled and since it is 100% natural meat, it was never exposed to any antibiotics or growth hormones.

The open ranges of Australia where the kangaroos are culled are regulated by the government. Since the kangaroos are culled at the same place, they also eat the same food - which means that our meat has always the same high quality even though its natural (wild) meat. 

Product Details 
Weight  about 1000 g
Price per 100 g  390 yen
Origin Australia
Delivered as frozen 


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