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Sirloin & Rib Roast 2kg Block Meat Set (2 pcs)

  • ¥5,950

Shipping Fees: Honshu 800 Yen - Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa 1,200 Yen. Free shipping from 10,000 Yen

This product will be delivered as frozen. It can be kept for several months.

Two of our bestselling and most popular meats for a special price. Get your set as long as our stocks last!

Product info:

We are often asked by our customers, whether they should buy a sirloin/striploin or a rib roast block. Now with this special offer, you do not have to decide - just try both of them!

While both being Australian grass-fed beef, the sirloin/striploin is on the leaner side and will be the first choice for people who like the taste of red meat. It is also high in protein. The rib roast on the other side contains more fat, has a finer marbling and is somewhat juicier. 

Both block meats can be prepared as roasts in the oven or carved into steaks and put on the grill. Each block weighs around 1 kg ( = 2 blocks with a total of 2 kg)

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