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"A well-made sausage is a symphony in a link, needing nothing more than a simple accompaniment to play harmony. "

Simply explained sausages are ground meat mixed with flavorings, spices and herbs, stuffed into edible casing, and portioned into desired size.

Culture and countries of origin deeply influence how food is made and how it taste, thus resulting in different types of sausages in all sizes, shape, taste and contents.

Italian sausages from Italy, bratwurst from Germany, kielbasa from Poland, Boudin noir from France, Chorizo from Spain, Brazilian and Mexican sausages, and more.  



We have an amazing line-up of carefully selected sausages and we are going to great length to insure that they are the tastiest one. All of our sausages are made using all-natural ingredients. We don't use any nitrates or artificial preservatives or coloring.


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