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L-Bone Steak 600 g US Choice

  • ¥2,790

Shipping Fees: Honshu 800 Yen - Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa 1,200 Yen. Free shipping from 10,000 Yen

This product will be delivered as frozen. It can be kept for several months.

These are basically T-bone steaks but from the end part of the short loin. This means they are not as nicely shaped and contain lesser filet as their "big brothers". That is why we call them "t- bone" with a small t, or just L-bone.

Nonetheless, this is still high-quality US choice beef (mostly sirloin) and still very tasty! 

Product Details 
Weight  about 600 g
Price per 100 g  600 yen
Origin USA
Delivered as frozen 

If your desired amount is not available or if you wish to order this product in larger quantities, please contact us here.

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