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How to get your T-Bone Steak ready


Best for our T-Bone Steak 600g (Choice) 

1) Bring the steak back to room temperature (after thawing properly)
2) Season it (salt and pepper, or use our steak spice)
3) Gently heat your frying pan with oil and grill the steak for 4 to 5 minutes while turning it over several times (turn once in about 15sec)

*Keep your frying pan for later use

4) Check the temperature of the steak (you can use our thermometer)
Rare = 42C°
Medium = 45C°
Well done = 50C°

5) Wrap it in aluminum foil after grilling (5min)
6) Put it back into your frying pan and grill it in high flame till it gets a nice and tasty color


Recipe by Minako

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