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Here is the answer: how to get your block meat ready


Best for all block meats at Whole Meat!

(used in the example pictures: Grass-fed Rib Roast Cube Roll and Grass-fed Striploin beef block)

Thick meat is said to be best grilled in a frying pan on a high flame, but we would not really recommend this. Meat starts to get hard at around 70°C since it loses protein and meat juice which leads to a loss of taste and juiciness.

The best way to prepare is: check the temperature regularly and only grill it on high flame at the very last.

A massive 1kg meat block is kind of difficult to get done to the core, therefore you should use an oven instead of a frying pan. The rule is: grill it gently, put it into the oven, wrap it in aluminum foil and let it rest, and then grill again to get a nice crust.

1) Bring the meat back to room temperature (after thawing properly)
2) Heat up your oven to 130C
3) Season it (salt and pepper, or use our steak spice)
4) Grill the meat with some oil until it gains color (don’t overcook)
    *Keep your frying pan for later use

5) Put the meat into the oven for 40 to 50min
6) Check the temperature (you can use our thermometer)
Rare = 42C°
Medium = 45C°
Well done = 50C°

7) Wrap it in aluminum foil for about 40min
8) Put it back into your frying pan and grill it in high flame till it gets a nice and tasty color

Recommended product whole meat

A block of finest grass-fed Australian beef from the cube roll (rib). Makes a great roast but can also be cut into fine ribeye steaks. The perfect main meat dish for a home party! 

Each block weighs 1 kg.

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Price per 100 g 
379 yen
Delivered as
frozen (-18°C)

Recipe by Minako

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