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How to make your "Curry Wurst Ketchup"


This sauce is a German classic - a sweet but spicy ketchup which perfect for German sausages ("Currywurst") but can also be used for other (meat) dishes or as a dip.
The best sausage with some curry flavor can be found here:

You need:
Ketchup – 3tbsp
Sweet chili sauce – 1tbsp
(you can also use honey instead)
Curry powder – 1tsp
Garam masala – 1tsp

1) Put the ingredients above in a little pot and boil it.
2) Put the warm sauce on the grilled and in 1.5 cm cut sausages
3) You can season the sauce again with some curry powder - it looks even more authentic!

Recipe by Minako

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  • Hana S.
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