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Lamb Chop Recipe

Lamb Chop Recipe


1) Bring the steak back to room temperature (after thawing properly)
2) Gently heat your frying pan and fry garlic slices with some oil until it gets brown. Take the slices out of the frying pan.
3) Season it with spices of your choice
4) Heat your frying pan over medium heat and grill the edge of the chops (where the bone is attached) for 1 to 2 min
5) Lower the heat and grill both sides for about 3 to 4 min each
6) Turn off your grill, cover the frying pan and let it rest for 5 to 6 min

Tip: step 5) is completed, when the chops become a little bit firm (please do not overcook!) Step 6) will be the actual step to get the meat done to the core.

Recipe by Minako

Recommended Product

1 package contains 5 frozen chops with around 250 grams.

Product Details 
Weight  about 250 g
Price per 100 g  716 yen
Origin New Zealand
Delivered as frozen (-18°C)



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