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The Shop Opening Party

The Shop Opening Party 0

As you might know, we just launched our online shop last week and of course, this great achievement had to be celebrated properly. So we gathered at a friend’s house in Setagaya and had an awesome indoor barbecue together with a few drinks.

The menu

The menu consisted of a big Tomahawk steak US choice T-bone steaks, a whole chicken griller, kangaroo striploin and our German potato pancake. In addition, we got a big bad block of wagyu ichibo (Japanese beef round) which we used for meat sushi and shabu-shabu. It was delicious but way too much. So the next day I could only eat rice and vegetables 😉

Indoor BBQ

We also tried to perform an “indoor BBQ” by heating up some charcoal on the gas cooker and then using it inside a small Japanese grill. The result was quite good but I would definitely recommend covering your smoke detector if you are planning to imitate this at home.

All in all, it was a great day with good wine, good people, and way too much meat. We are looking forward to operating our new business and we want to thank everybody who supported us until now!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!












Some more pictures


Whole Meat Home Party BBQ

Whole Meat Home Party BBQ

Whole Meat Home Party BBQ

Whole Meat Home Party BBQ

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