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About cows eating grass...


I am sure you all have heard the term "grass-fed" somewhere in the media. Today I would like to explain a little bit in depth about this phenomenon. After dry-aged beef has already been booming in Japan, grass-fed beef from Australia, New Zealand, and other countries has now gotten into Japan’s focus.

What is “grass-fed” beef?

We all have seen pictures of cows in their small housings getting “fattened” with grain and soy. But this is obviously against the cattle’s nature. That’s why grass-fed beef got popular: the cows can walk around, rest on fields and eat grass which is good for their diet. Those cows are often healthier and have more muscles.

Grass-fed cattle chilling in the green

Okay - but how does that influence the meat?

As mentioned, grass-fed cattle have less fat. Therefore, its meat tends to be much leaner and the fat looks kind of yellow and not white or pink. So basically it is lower fat, lower calories, lower cholesterol, and lots of Omega-3. It helps you with your diet, has a positive influence on your cholesterol level, and can even lower your neutral fat level.

If you’re on a diet, having problems with your stomach when eating fatty meat, or just want to have some high-quality healthy beef, then grass-fed beef is the answer!

Grass-fed beef is still not common in ordinary Japanese supermarkets but can be bought online. Whole Meat has a nice collection of grass-fed beef from Australia, so you can start easy with a 250g steak and work yourself up to our 2kg striploin block 😊

by Hana

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  • Hana S.
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