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It's BBQ time, Japan!


Japan is an awesome country with one of the world's best cuisines - Its capital Tokyo for example, is ranked first in the famous Michelin Guide with over 200 Michelin star-awarded restaurants. In Japan, you can get all kinds of local and international dishes and especially Tokyo is a hotbed for new creations and fusion cuisine. But how about a good old-fashioned BBQ like back home?

Eating out or cooking yourself?

All this variety and creativity has its price and often the famous restaurants are booked out really fast. Instead of dining out, people start to cook at home more and more. As this is quite a normal thing abroad, in Japan eating out is more common than
preparing meals at home. Especially foreigners living in Japan tend to keep their home country's cuisine and combine it with Japanese habits and cooking skills. For sure this is a good thing, but quite often it is difficult to get the right ingredients in Japanese supermarkets - especially when it comes to meat.

The Japanese like their meat sliced or cut into small, bite-sized pieces - which is understandable as they normally use chopsticks instead of forks and knives. You certainly tried Yakiniku, Shabu-Shabu or Gyudon - fantastic, high-quality dishes but not quite comparable to western meat-eating habits where a big-sized T-bone steak, roasted pork or spare ribs are always highly appreciated. If you do not want to spend all your money for quite costly steak houses and burger restaurants, the best way to
enjoy those tasty meats is to do it yourself.

Have a BBQ home party!

So why not invite some of your friends (from your country as well as some Japanese!) and have an awesome barbecue BBQ party together? Check for a public barbecue spot near your place or use your garden if you have one. All meats can be found in our online
shop - share the costs with your friends and make sure to load up the cart so you can get free shipping.

Oh, and don't forget the drinks. We recommend a nice fruity red wine for beef and lamb, but cold beer and chuu-hai is fine as well :)

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