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Fast and easy - your Schnitzel recipe


I suppose you all know „Schnitzel”. Yes, it’s one of the best and most popular dishes from Germany and Austria!
Our pork potion cuts are perfect for Schnitzel since they aren’t as thick as “Tonkatsu”-pork.

Have a look at our Schnitzel recipe by Minako, both German employees at Whole Meat loved it! No need for any sauces, just squeeze some lemon juice over it (or ketchup, German kids always use ketchup for Schnitzel 😊).

Tip: If you want to have the "Cordon bleu" version, just put some cheese between two pork slices


You need

-    Our Pork Portion cuts
-    Salt and pepper
-    Grated cheese
-    breadcrumbs
-    wheat flour
-    egg wash
-    butter
-    olive oil
-    lemon


1) Tap and flatten the pork (wrap it into cling film and use a tenderizer)
2) Use very finely ground breadcrumbs and mix it with some grated cheese
3) season the meat with salt and pepper and put it into flour --> egg wash --> breadcrumb mix
4) Put 3 tbsp of oil and 3 tbsp of butter into the frying pan and carefully fry the meat on both sides



The main difference between Japanese Tonkatsu and German Schnitzel is the thin meat and the fine breadcrumbs. To have a more intensive taste, use oil and butter for frying. You only need some lemon juice for the best Schnitzel!

Recipe by Minako

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  • Hana S.
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