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Braised Brisket as filling for tacos

Braised Brisket as filling for tacos

So we left here …

As I said 1 kg was too much for us, so ended up with quite some left over in the fridge.

ビーフブリスケット煮込みは量として多く、残りもの   Letf over beef brisket with Spanish influences

The brisket already had some Spanish influences in it so decided to intensify that taste by reducing the broth and braising the brisket while adding some punchy chili flavors in the mix in order to make the base for our tacos.

So yes, I made tacos 🌮 out of the left overs.

You can check the video or follow the recipe 


 Just put the brisket and its broth in a pan add to some chili spices (to your liking, not too much though as we are going to add salsa and guacamole)    

Add a little bit of olive oil, and let the broth reduce to 1/4 of the volume and reaches a gravy like consistency, cooked until it looks like braised meat (well in some way it is stewed and braised)

Braised brisket with chili and Mexican flavors 煮込んだビーフブリスケット for tacos filling 


⚠ 👉Let’s be clear, this HERE❗ already taste fabulous on its own, and can serve as the basis of many snacks or dishes, you can but in a sandwich, just serve it with rice and some vegies, and more.

However, I did set my mind on to making tacos, so let’s push a little bit more here. 

Shred the meat and reserve.

Shredded braised beef brisket


Now jut gather the rest of the ingredients that you want to put in your tacos

Ingredient for meat and rich in flavor tacos whole meat style

  • Salsa sauce
  • Guacamole *optional
  • Mayonnaise (DO NOT use Kewpie, you won’t get the taste you are looking for, BUT that is up to you) *optional
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Green pepper *optional
  • Shredded cheese (Gouda or cheddar if you can’t find shredded Mexican cheese blends)

All you have to do now is just to put all that good stuff in the tacos shells and enjoy!

 The tastiest tacos i ever tasted in Japan 😁

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  • Volan Rabary
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